Time doth pass

Posted by zeraphil on April 23, 2007

Wow. The last time I fucking posted was … ok forget it, I don’t want to feel anymore guilty. The possible reasons? Work, school, more work, and sure as hell lack of inspiration and procrastination! Ipsum’s been at it as well, so hell, what can I do. Well, I’m back to my responsibilities, so, expect some more stuff about nonsensical writing. I’m currently writing: Chronicles of the Legend of Zelda…. in first person. We’ll see how that comes out. I should finish it on thurdsday. Laterz!


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Slightly cruel

Posted by ipsum on April 18, 2007

honk if you love dolphins             1 


They make my tuna taste better =D

At this rate, PeanutCup will be associated to every single word in the English language.

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Nelson being a total tard

Posted by zeraphil on April 17, 2007

this is not sponsored by Peanut Cup in anyway, but it is random enough to get some good laughs out of it.

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The “real world” can bite me

Posted by ipsum on April 10, 2007

(Back up because the page really needs material) 

I’d write more often. I really would. But it seems the only stuff that wants to come out is either emo or completely uninteresting, and I’d rather not have any of you have that impression of me. I’m fine with you guys just thinking I’m incredibly lazy and/or uncreative. But really, what can I write about? Ever since I started working (or “working,” as many would say), life has been completely ho-hum. I’ve lost the few ambitions that I had, feeling as if they aren’t worth pursuing anymore, and I hardly get to have any kind of human interaction anymore. I tend to “work” from the empty apartment (since Carlos has left to find a higher purpose) since going to the company office would be nothing more than a change of scenery: my presence there isn’t exactly noticed, seeing as none of the employees are a part of my team (meaning I don’t work with any of them), and I’m not married and can’t engage in meaningful conversations of kitchen appliances and household chores. Plus, I don’t exactly need a pretty desk or readily available coffee to carry out my strenuous task of copy-pasting. Thus, from sun-up to sun-down, I sit in my wooden chair, leading my unfortunate eyes down the path of destruction by forcing them to look at nothing but the bright light eminating from the laptop.

“But the work is easy, and you’re getting paid!”

I like being challenged, and all the money I’m making is going into all the luxuries I had before I started working… when I didn’t have to pay for them. If you want to copy paste for the rest of your life, then go ahead, I’m sure you’ll be do a helluva lot of good for society, but it’s really not my thing, and it’s certainly not why I’ve spent 7 semester taking classes that I also paid for by hauling ass in marching band. I don’t see any other way of interpreting all of this other than as a foreshadow to a dreary and solitary future.

And now I feel that it is my duty to end this on a light-hearted note, seeing as PeanutCup was never intended to be a place for us to bitch and moan. I’m sorry to have used it as such.

300 waz swet lol i luvd it im kewl bcuz i abrev n dont use good gramer.

Hmm… that was a bit forced, wasn’t it? Ah well.

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You couldn’t get this even if you tried

Posted by ipsum on March 15, 2007



 Full sized picture —> 1337.JPG

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The secret of the Almenares director

Posted by zeraphil on March 10, 2007

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the director of the Almenares, the Mayaguez residence that Ipsum and I resided for my stay in Mayaguez and for nearly three years in Ipsum’s case. I’m sure you have seen pictures of him, and he stars in the first peanut cup video as the person who comes to check on us and gives us a two thumbs up.

This should refresh your memory:

riki after

Well, I have done some investigation. You should know that he is a part of the Opus Dei, a branch of the Catholic Church. He also is pious as they come, very strict and disciplined too. Is always on your case if you are not studying or praying. Hence, he was usually on my case ^_^. Well, I have found some tidbits of information that point to Riqui’s past, and I’d like to share them with you.

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It’s a wonder we don’t have tags on our ears

Posted by ipsum on March 9, 2007


I had no idea we Puerto Ricans were an “in danger” species. Captivity looks like it might be fun.

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Loki is online.

Posted by zeraphil on February 27, 2007

I’d like to present you PeanutCup’s latest rig addition: Loki.

For a photo showcase (yeah, two photos, awesome showcase) click on the more tab.

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How does $10,000 looks like:

Posted by zeraphil on February 27, 2007

Are you curious of what, indeed, do 10k looks like? I suggest you click on the more button to reveal your answer.

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Non est ad astra mollis e terris via

Posted by ipsum on February 22, 2007

It’s copy pasted. I don’t know shit about Latin.

“Why Latin?”, you might ask. Hmph. Why indeed. The first explanation that might come to mind is that I have some need to flaunt my vast and varied knowledge of all earthly things, to be acknowledged as a superior being, whether it be through hate, envy, or, in the rarest of cases, admiration. It’s an entirely valid arguement, seeing as admiration is a not-so-discrete human need. But that idea falls short in this case; I’ve already disclosed that I know nothing of the language.  Thus, it can be discarded… or can it? There’s more than one way to skin a cat, dear friends, and more than one way to deceive an unsuspecting reader. The more astute of you will be quick to realize that I took my lack of knowledge for all things Latin and used it to make the illusion of a dominance over the English language and a grasp on the human psyche that really isn’t there. All meticulously planned and calculated. And you know what? The more astute of you would be wrong, too. I used Latin because Tammy text messaged me “I think, therefore I am,” in Latin, and I thought it’d be neat for a title to a rant.

“Then why write a paragraph that seems to have no point other that to insult your readers?” I assure you, I’ve no intention to insult you… not today, at least. The preceding paragraph is nothing more than an introduction to a rant that I’ve yet to know what it consists of, like running into a damp, dark cave, armed with nothing more than a will to survive; this post is that cave, and the promise of some inspirational message is that will to survive. For some time now, I’ve felt that I am due for some significant, life-changing event, and I do not mean my own. I’ve no idea what actions will bring this sensation to life, nor its intended scope, nor the medium through which it will be thrust upon the unsuspecting party. I’m convinced that this thing – this calling, if you will – is most certainly real, but without so much as a hint to what it’s supposed to be for, I am left to wonder if the monotony of day to day living will eventually take me to my destination. Maybe being dressed in business casual from 9 to 5 will be my guide. Maybe I’ve yet to reach that bump in the road. Maybe that damp, dark cave is a lot bigger than just this post. And yet here I am, rattling fences with a twig as I watch the sidewalk pass under my feet. What’s a boy to do?

There is no easy way to get from the Earth to the stars.

[Light-hearted note: I didn’t really feel like doing narrative this time around. Sorry! I’ll get back to it soon enough, though. Just as soon as I get the pictures from the vacation up. Yeah…]

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